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Were you granted the honor of planning this year’s holiday party?

October 28, 2010 By: Entertainment Cruises Category: Entertainment Cruises - National

The holiday season is a time some of us look forward to all year long. You can probably stick those of us attending holiday soirees thrown by others into this category.

Those that have to, I mean get to plan the entire extravaganza might have a different outlook on the merriest season of all. Because, well, as much fun as it is to put smiles on everyone’s faces, there’s a lot (stress, time, more stress) that goes into getting there.

Like the food.
And drinks.
Live band? Or DJ?
There’s the venue – not too big, not to small. Not too stuffy, not too casual.
Have to make sure the service will be top notch.
And shop around for the best price.
…the list goes on.
And on.
Need I say…and on?

What if I told you there was a way to make one phone call, tell the person on the other end everything you envision, and that person could make it all happen? Plain and simple. For one price.

That’s what Entertainment Cruises can offer  you for your:

♦ Office Holiday Party
♦ Family Holiday Party
♦ Holiday Party for Friends
or any other holiday occasion!

Our ready-to-go holiday packages feature dining, dancing, entertainment décor and views, plus endless enhancement options – everything from bar to hors d’ oeuvres and more. And we can customize everything to your liking.

So planners, we invite you, join the other side. The happy side. The side that looks forward to the holidays worry-free.

Welcome. We hope you like it over here.

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If you go on a Halloween Cruise this weekend, you could win a Dinner Cruise Voucher for Two. Look for next week’s blog explaining all the contest details!

Thanks for reading. Talk to you next week.

We Go On Our Boats Too! (and we have stories…)

July 09, 2009 By: Entertainment Cruises Category: Entertainment Cruises - National

Recently, our HQ Marketing and Revenue Teams were able to grace the hip and cool Mystic Blue with their presence. Unfortunately I was in Florida gracing the beach and warm Atlantic Ocean with mine.

I did however, collect several tidbits about the fabulous time that was had. Read on, dear readers…

1. Do group outings like this occur often at the Entertainment Cruises Headquarters or was this a special occasion?

  • Employee “N”: We get out on the boats as a group at least a couple of times a year. We do sell boat rides after all! And boat rides are fun! All work and no fun would make Entertainment Cruises just some lame office people. We party with an aim at WOW!
  • Employee “A”: Oh, we party on the regular, however, this was more of a special occasion outing than just your average, run-of-the-mill dinner cruise.
  • Employee “HK”: This was a special occasion to send off a former employee, but group outings do occur…although probably not as often as I would like!
  • Employee “S”: We are very lucky shipmates in that we do these group outings every once in a while…
  • Employee “RZ”: A little of both – this particular outing was a special occasion – a farewell party for one of our shipmates.
  • Employee “RS”: We do group outings on our cruises a few times a year. This was a going away party for one of our employees.
  • Employee “HA”: It was a special occasion but we try to get together for fun outings as much as we can.

2. What was the name of the cruise you went on?

  • Employee “N”: Shipmate Farewell Mystic Blue Lake-Breeze Dinner Lounge Cruise.
  • Employee “A”: Mystic Blue Lake Breeze Dinner Lounge (I think).
  • Employee “HK”: Our Shipmate’s Farewell Extravaganza aka Lake Breeze Dinner Lounge.
  • Employee “S”: Lake-Breeze Dinner Lounge.
  • Employee “RZ”: Lake Breeze Lounge cruise.
  • Employee “RS”: Mystic Blue Lake-Breeze Dinner Lounge
  • Employee “HA”: Lake-breeze Dinner Lounge

3. What was your favorite part about the cruise?

  • Employee “N”: Drinks on the observation deck with the sun setting behind a beautiful skyline always makes me feel like the King of Chicago!
  • Employee “A”: Drinking champagne out on the deck whilst jamming to the musical stylings of the live guitarist.
  • Employee “HK”: Sitting on the outer decks gazing at the skyline….and each other.
  • Employee “S”: Everything.
  • Employee “RZ”: Hanging out on the outer deck (in good company of course) listening to the guitarist.
  • Employee “RS”: Can’t say I had a favorite part.
  • Employee “HA”: Sitting on the observation deck with a glass of champagne as the beautiful skyline passed by.

4. What is the best employee perk you got while sailing?

  • Employee “N”: I once got a front row seat to see one of our shipmates do The Hustle on the Mystic Blue dance floor.
  • Employee “A”: Free drinks.
  • Employee “HK”: While I really enjoyed my free dirty martinis, the huge platter of appetizers we got was great – I recommend the crabcakes.
  • Employee “S”: When we we’re quickly whisked away to the observation deck!
  • Employee “RZ”: Free champagne of course.
  • Employee “RS”: Free drinks and the appetizer plate.

5. Did anyone say/do something embarrassing worth writing about now?

  • Employee “N”: I wish.
  • Employee “HK”: Ashley put on a sailor hat and did a rousing performance of “I’m On A Boat”
  • Employee “S”: We did have some funny conversations about towels—you would have had to have been there.
  • Employee “RZ”: No.
  • Employee “RS”: Unfortunately no.
  • Employee “HA”: What happens on Mystic Blue stays on Mystic Blue!

6. What did you like most about Mystic Blue?

  • Employee “N”: I started with the company as a ticket booth supervisor for Mystic Blue so I’m kind of biased but I think it’s the coolest ship in the EC fleet.
  • Employee “A”: The vibe. The place settings were simple, attractive and contemporary. The outdoor deck has fun furniture and was perfect for listening to the live music.
  • Employee “HK”: The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed…it’s the perfect environment to wind down after a day at work.
  • Employee “S”: I enjoyed the eye-catching new trendy blue-hued table settings, the new gray deck furniture in fun shapes, but the views of Chicago always wins.
  • Employee “RZ”: Casual hip atmosphere.
  • Employee “RS”: The atmosphere on the cruise.

7. What is the funniest thing that happened on your cruise?

  • Employee “A”: Sharing funny stories around the table. I’d love to provide details, but I operate under a strict don’t-kiss-and-tell policy.
  • Employee “HK”: See #5.
  • Employee “S”: Seeing pictures of our old shipmate’s new house with the most kitschy lawn ornaments ever—it would make regular old gnomes jealous!

8. How was the service?

  • Employee “N”: The service bordered on rock star treatment.
  • Employee “A”: Great. I think our server was named Vanity (maybe). She’s awesome.
  • Employee “HK”: Vanity and the other shipmates were wonderful as always.
  • Employee “S”: Excellent, of course.
  • Employee “RZ”: The service was fantastic of course, although Ashley did end up wearing a little champagne.
  • Employee “RS”: Excellent.
  • Employee “HA”: The service was great. The staff is energetic, and enthusiastic. They seem to have fun with the guests.

9. What was your favorite menu item?

  • Employee “N”: I could eat a dozen mini éclairs in a heartbeat.
  • Employee “A”: Dirty martini. And the chocolate covered banana. slices.
  • Employee “HZ”: I’m not normally a big sweets person, but the dessert selection was fantastic.
  • Employee “S”: The fish and chips were superb!
  • Employee “RS”: I liked the fish and chips.
  • Employee “HA”: Always dessert…and there is much to choose from!

10. Why didn’t you want the cruise to end?

  • Employee “N”: There was still some sunlight left when we docked and we can shut the place down.
  • Employee “A”: See answer to #9
  • Employee “HK”: We needed more time to get Bob on the dance floor.
  • Employee “S”: Because everyone was clapping and high-fiving us as we departed the cruise. Makes you feel like…oh, Kanye West I suppose.
  • Employee “RZ”: Having too much fun
  • Employee “RS”: Umm … no more free drinks.

And now, a question for you:
Which employee do you think should win for “most enjoyable responses?”
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Thank you.
Bon Voyage ‘til next week!