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Summer Cruisin’. Nothing quite like it.

June 24, 2010 By: Entertainment Cruises Category: Entertainment Cruises - National

The sizzling summer heat has officially arrived and whether you are lucky enough to enjoy it outside, in a cubicle or somewhere in between, it leaves a rush of warm, gooey happiness in your veins. Or it does in mine, at least.

Sure, it makes sitting in my office chair a bit more of a struggle, but it makes me appreciate the time I do have outside just a little bit more. Oh, who am I kidding? A whole lot more! I want to take advantage of every second I have in the sunshine. I want to frolic in the park, walk aimlessly around and, if I could somehow find a way, spend the hot summer days and nights on our boats. No doubt about it.

A Brunch, Lunch, Dinner or Moonlight Cruise is a really cool to way to experience the city in which you live from a truly unique, mesmerizing point of view. Yeah, you may have seen those most notable sites 5, 10, 20 times. But have you seen them all at the same time? In the same couple of hours? Not unless you’ve swam the sea, river, lake, whatever.

We offer a unique way to experience your town from a tourist’s perspective. You will see everything the way we see it everyday, for the very first time. Feel the warm summer breeze as you gaze out at the never-ending views from our open-air decks. To be impressed, dare I say amazed by the sites you walk by every day, the landscape you’ve grown accustomed too, is nothing short of, exactly that – amazing.

So head to the water this summer and let us treat you to dining, entertainment, music and a very special atmosphere as you delight in all that your city has to offer. Check your city’s webpage to learn about specialty cruises sailing this summer, and to see a complete cruise schedule.

Mystic Blue Loves The Chicago Blackhawks!

June 17, 2010 By: Entertainment Cruises Category: Entertainment Cruises - National

It was a crazy week and weekend in the city of Chicago. If you haven’t heard, the Blackhawks (Chicago’s hockey team) won the Stanley Cup in game six of the championship series. They won on the road (in Philadelphia), but definitely brought the celebration (and the Stanley Cup) home.

The Stanley Cup Champions have good taste – and they showed it by cruising Mystic Blue this past weekend! Take a look at all of the wonderful pictures we took while they enjoyed everything that the cool and contemporary Mystic Blue has to offer.

2010 Stanley Cup Champions aboard the Mystic Blue at Navy Pier

The Stanley Cup, presented to the lucky crowd that tracked it down at Navy Pier.

Chicago Blackhawk Troy Bouwer aboard the Mystic Blue

Troy Brouwer enjoying the scene on Mystic Blue’s observation deck.

2010 Chicago Blackhawks aboard the Mystic Blue with the Stanley Cup

Niklas Hjalmarsson, Brent Seabrook, Marian Hossa, Tomas Kopecky, Andrew Ladd, Kris Versteeg to name a few – enjoying the atmosphere on Mystic Blue.

Mystic Blue Captain Brian with the Stanley Cup

Captain Jason, who came in on his only weekend off, was beyond thrilled at the chance to stand beside the Stanley Cup.

Mystic Blue Captain Brian with the Stanley Cup

Captain Brian couldn’t resist getting a piece of the action!

The Stanley Cup aboard the Mystic Blue Chicago

Doesn’t it look right at home? Almost like it belongs right there, on the dining deck of Mystic Blue?

Troy Brouwer holding up the Stanley Cup cruising on the Mystic Blue

Troy Brouwer, holding up the Cup for the world to see!

The Mystic Blue Chicago staff poses with the Stanley Cup

The ecstatic Mystic Blue staff. Truly a picture they’ll treasure forever. It was great having you onboard, Blackhawks!

Our Newest Level 10 OSS WOW Winners!

June 10, 2010 By: Entertainment Cruises Category: Entertainment Cruises - National

June is here and our employees are working harder than ever to ensure that you, our guests, have an unforgettable time out on the water. Last week on our OSS call, we discussed, debated and ultimately chose two OSS Level 10 WOW winners:

One Critical Moment of Service Internal WOW Winner and One Customer Service WOW Winner.

Read below to learn all about some of the WOW stories submitted from across the country, and to find out who won!

Critical Moment of Service/Internal WOWs

Lalo from Chicago – Chicago was recently very short-staffed for a cruise – the Restaurant Manager on duty did not have a Bartender or Host for the busy Saturday lunch cruise, and could not find anyone to cover the shift. The Restaurant Manager called Lalo to inform him of the situation, and he volunteered to help her out by coming in on his day off. Lalo did everything – he was a Bartender, he set the buffet and he cleared tables!

Chris from Chicago – Due to a recent inputting error in our computer system, additional groups were booked onto a private deck for a cruise. The fast-acting Odyssey team opened a deck for a deck charter. The only problem – there was no DJ for the group. Chris came to the rescue by offering to postpone his HR duties in order to DJ for these groups, allowing the Chicago team to provide a great experience for these guests.

Captain Phil & Captain Edgar from New York – On a recent Saturday, a party of 27 cruising to celebrate a 70th birthday showed up on the New Jersey side of the river when they were booked to sail from New York. Captain Edgar on the Spirit of New Jersey quickly called over to Captain Phil, who was on the Spirit of New York. Captain Phil agreed to bring the boat over to Lincoln Harbor to pick up these guests. In order to make sure the New York guests received their full harbor cruise experience, Captain Phil sailed for an extra 20 minutes before dropping the New York guests off. Finally, Phil brought the entire birthday party group back to New Jersey!

And the Critical Moment of Service Internal WOW Winner is…Lalo from Chicago!

Customer Service WOWs

Matt from Chicago – DJ Matt went above and beyond for a senior group onboard Mystic Blue recently! Matt kept the seniors dancing the entire cruise – they were doing the YMCA, the Electric Slide, and Matt even had a conga line going! The seniors all got into a circle and Matt had each person enter the circle and perform a dance while the others cheered them on. The Mystic Blue team has never seen seniors have so much fun or dance so much!

Josh & Will from Baltimore – A couple chose to celebrate their second anniversary aboard Spirit of Baltimore after they had spent their first anniversary 6,000 miles apart due to husband Tom’s deployment in Iraq. Tom had emergency surgery the week of the cruise and needed handicapped seating. Josh and Will went above and beyond to help this couple, assisting them with boarding and taking care of them throughout the cruise. The guests wrote a letter to the team thanking Josh and Will for their exceptional service and for making their anniversary special!

Jim from Norfolk – Guest Dave cruised on a recent Spirit of Norfolk dinner with his mother. Jim saw them park in a handicap space and went over to their car – he not only greeted them at the car, but also helped Dave’s mother out of the car and onto the ship. Dave wrote a letter stating that Jim “is one of those people we could use more of walking the earth.”

Trista & Leah from Norfolk – Guest Mrs. Sharp arrived at the Norfolk ticket booth recently to ask about dinner cruises on future dates. Trista and Leah had already closed but willingly re-opened and re-started the computer to get the information Mrs. Sharp needed. She told them she would be back later to book a cruise – when she came back later that evening, they again had shut down the booth and were getting ready to leave, but again re-opened the booth and assisted in selling her the tickets she wanted.

Richard & Joey from New York – The New York team found out that an individual onboard a recent Bateaux cruise was going to propose to his girlfriend. The team set up a very nice intimate table in the Orion room, away from everyone else. Server Richard worked with Joey and the band to get the guest, Mario, to slow dance with his girlfriend in front of the band. Joey then asked Mario if he had something he would like to say – he proposed and his girlfriend said yes!

Stacey from New York –Stacey had seen a note about a guest who wanted to propose to his girlfriend – her favorite song was “Suddenly” by Angry Anderson. When the Restaurant Manager got onboard and approached the DJ about playing the song, he said Stacey had already made arrangements for the WOW and already loaded the song into the DJ system!

And the Customer Service WOW Winner is…Jim from Norfolk!

Congratulations to not our only our winners, but our nominees and all those who took party in nominating and recognizing them.

I share these stories with you not only to acknowledge and recognize our very special, creative and hard-working shipmates, but because I do truly think this is an interesting part of the company I am a part of. It is these critical moments and WOWing our guests that make us the organization we are. Any company can run some boats. But no company does it with the care and compassion that we display every single day.

Father’s Day is only two weeks away. Give dad something he’ll have forever…

June 03, 2010 By: Entertainment Cruises Category: Entertainment Cruises - National

No, not a “You’re the Best Dad” tie, or a “Father of the Year” coffee mug. I’m talkin’ about a memory. Something that can never be “accidentally” thrown away, lost, or go out of style.

I’m referring to – you guessed it – a cruise! Aboard any of our vessels, you really can make a unique memory with Dad.

Here is a list of just some of the things Dad will love:

  • The Food: He can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths or fifths from our all-you-can-eat buffets. On our elegant Dinner Cruises, he’ll be served tableside, like a king. Now, tell me Dad won’t just eat that up!

  • The Service: Our friendly, professionally-trained staff knows how to make sure Dad feels it is His day. And they’ll do this all cruise long. You can tell Dad to enjoy it while it lasts!

  • The Entertainment: If Dad thinks he can dance, more power to him. He can show off his fine moves on out large dance floors. The DJ will take requests, so go ask for Dad’s fave song! On our more elegant cruises, there will be live entertainment. Again, Dad can feel free to get up and groove. But don’t leave him alone out there, get up and show him how it’s done!

  • The Views: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Washington DC – wherever you may be – we’ll give DAD awesome views that he’s never seen before. A new perspective of the city. Unless he’s been on one of our boats before. Then, maybe he’s seen the awesomeness.

  • Being out on the Water: It’s calm, soothing, serene. A nice change from everything going on out on the land. It really is so unique, He’ll have no choice but to remember it all!

There’s more, but some things should be left to Dad’s surprise. Also, if you check your city’s Father’s Day webpage, you’ll find more details and good deals going on now! So, go on, make Dad’s Day special. Make Dad’s Day unique. Make Dad’s day! Talk to ya soon.